Zans Poco Bandolero
Zans Poco Bandolero is a 2015 AQHA Buckskin gelding standing 14.2. Bandit will mature to about a 1200lb. 15h tank. What a striking boy in color and quality. Bandit is 82.82% Foundation and has lines to Poco Bueno, Three Bars, Top Deck, Bar Money and Poco Pine to name a few. A lineage to be proud of and Bandit represents it well. Bandit has a pretty head with dark liquid eyes that you will simply get lost in. He has a nice tippy ear with a good strong jawline. He has a well shaped neck that ties in nicely to a steep angled shoulder and deep wide chest. Bandit has a big, well muscled hip and strong correct legs and good feet. Bandit has a scar on his face near his right eye. Combine Bandit’s impeccable conformation with his beautiful buckskin color highlighted by those contrasting dark points topped off with that flowing black mane and tail and you have yourself one beautiful horse. The pretty frosting in his mane and tail is just icing on the cake. I fall in love all over again every time I look at this guy.
Bandit is a sweet natured boy with a very willing attitude, he wants to please. He has great ground manners, you can handle him with just a rope around the neck if you choose. Bandit will follow behind you on the ground and stops when you stop, he will not walk past you and he backs easily. He will move his front and rear end for you with just a look and a smooch. Bandit stands tied in the cross ties or to a single rope. He will stand quietly to the side of your horse trailer, a hitching post or a picket line. He loads and hauls well with no drama. He likes his baths and grooming sessions and handles the fly spray well. He stands still for mounting and will not move off until asked. He rides through our small obstacle course which includes the man made bridge, the tarp, the noodles, the cones etc. with no stickiness or hesitation.

Bandit has a very soft mouth and is smooth in his gaits. He would be very competitive in Ranch Horse classes as well as the very popular Trail classes. 
Bandit has spent a lot of time at Mammoth cave Horse Camp including overnight stays. He is use to all the goings on and excitement around a camp. He has accumulated many hours on the trail and is quit savvy and sure footed. Many people that have ridden with us are very surprised when they learn that he’s only a 3 y/o as he shows the maturity of a much older and more experienced horse. He has a lot of heart and will go anywhere you point him. He will go through water and mud, up and down steep rocky hills and he crosses fallen timber and ditches with ease. Bandit does not get jumpy when our silly dog Nick runs up behind him or shoots out of the bush in front of him on the trail and he doesn't look for boogers. He is a very trusting and trustworthy boy. 
So if you’re in the market for a new high quality trail partner and/or show prospect with good looks, intelligence and a willing attitude then come meet this handsome boy and take him for a ride. You will not be disappointed. Located in Brownsville, Ky. Asking $4500