Meet a few of our Happy Clients .....................
My saddle just arrived today. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship and well made saddle. I would highly recommend Bear Creek saddles for anybody who is looking for a custom made saddle for their horse. You cannot go wrong. Tim and Kimberly are very accommodating and always respond to any questions you may have. It was wonderful doing business with Bear Creek saddles - Leanne DeMaria in Michigan ​​
 "Update: First ride today in my beautiful saddle. I cannot believe the difference in my horse with a custom made fit saddle! Thank you Bear Creek. LeanneSaddles."​​
I love my new Bear Creek Saddle!!! Awesome tooling and extremly comfortable. Highly recommend!!
- J.D. Ledcke in Kentucky

Wow! Mr. Tim has a gift and talent for matching the right horse with the right rider. I've bought & sold three with them over the past 10 years. Very ethical about not giving a rider a horse they can't handle, everything that passes through this barn is triple-checked for health, manners, level of training and probably many more things over my head. They know more about saddles and fit than I will ever understand, perfect every time in every aspect. I love that they won't sell it to you if it isn't right... tack or horses. Lucky to have them so close. - Dr. Samantha Schafer in Florida
Oliver met his pasture mate, Finn, today. No squealing, no snorting, no drama...just 2 laid back boys.
We had a fantastic ride. He led the way and took all new discoveries in stride. His ground manners are excellent. And he enjoys attention. He is going to be a real joy to have on the farm. Oliver is exactly what Finn and I needed. Thank you Bear Creek Horses And Saddles.
Jennifer McElroy in Kentucky
Thanks to Bear Creek for bringing Bravos Magic Remedy "Magic"  into my life, he has brought much joy to my family - Laura Livingston in Gerogia
We had a great experience getting our horse from Bear Creek! They were friendly and great to work with! They showed us the horse and everything we needed to see about her. We love Reba. Thank You Bear Creek Saddles and Horses! - Sheila Absher in Indiana
Absolutely love my boy Brody, He is my dream horse!!! Thank you Bear Creek Horses And Saddle!
- Valerie England in Illinois

I have known Tim and Kim for many years and they are very honest people. If they tell you something about a horse, it is just what they say. I bought my girl Moon from them for lessons and she is loved by many kids and is great. Their saddles are beautiful too! - Tiffany Beckham Crawhorn
I love my Custom Bear Creek Saddle. The quality craftsmanship is second to none, The hand tooling is amazing, all the dees I could ask for and the seat is amazigly comfortable. The best thing is how light it is. No more struggling and straining to saddle my horse. I plan on doing business with Tim and Kimerly again in the near future.
 -  Cheryl Bledsoe in Kentucky
Thank you Tim and Kimberly for such an outstanding mare in Lena. So nice to purchase a horse and get her home and have no surprises. You can certainly tell all the love, patience, and training that you have given her. A pleasure to do business with you .- Dan and Linda Dwyer in Kentucky
 "My Custom Bear Creek Saddle is the most comfortable Saddle I've ever ridden!" - Mary Thomas in New York​​
My husband Mark and I have worked with Tim and Kim both buying and selling horses. We purchased a filly from them in 2014 and became friends instantly. The Roof's work their horses with patience and kindness while teaching them to be everything anyone would want in a horse. We wouldn't have trusted anyone but them when it came time to find our Cody a forever home. The way they take the time to match the horse with the right people was a blessing for us. Highly recommend Bear Creek Horses, if we should decide to purchase again, it will be with the Roof's. - Marilyn Cook in Kentucky
Received my custom made Bear Creek saddle in February 2018 and have put hundreds of miles on it already absolutely love this saddle and highly recommend it. My horse has never had a sore back and I have been comfortable on every ride. Thank you Tim and Kimberly Roof not only is this a great product but you have become life long friends in the process. -  Robin Keefer in Michigan 
We had a great experience with Bear Creek Horses And Saddle. Very refreshing to work with such honest people. who actully know what they'er talking about. I will definitly call Tim and Kimberly when I am in the market for another horse or a new saddle. - Liz McDonald in Missouri
Bandit update-he is such a good boy. We loaded him and Scarlett up yesterday and took them to a preserve close to our house. There are lots of multi use trails so there were bikers and lots of families. He pretty much wants to stop and say hello to every little kid on the trail. Adults he completely ignores. What a good boy-through leaves, snow, mud and nothing bothered him. He is the perfect horse for me, exactly as you advertised him to be. He is so laid back and easy going, he is teaching me to relax. We love our Bandit. Thanks for raising such an awesome boy. - Janea Walker in Massachusetts
Tim and Kimberly truly care about their horses. They are honest and do their best to match the rider with just the right horse. I came to buy one horse and ended up leaving with a different horse which was much more suited to me.
- Lisa Jordon in Tennessee

I cannot express how thrilled I am and grateful to you for finding her perfect match. That gal had my heart and now she will fulfill her full potential and purpose in life. Many many thanks, I will sleep peacefully knowing she is loved and cared for. She will always be special to me. I've owned a lot of horses and she was at the top in intelligence. I know she will be that in this child's life as well. I still miss her terribly but know she is where she belongs and we had a part in getting her there.Again, many thanks. - Mrs. Cobb in Kentucky

Regal has been a blessing, I’ve been really happy with him! I am in LOVE - Cheryl Agee in Iowa

This saddle is everything they said it would be. It is perfect it looks great and even rides better. I highly recommend bear creek saddles. I trusted Tim on every aspect of this build and he was dead on. All I can say is thank you to Tim and Kimberly great job!!!!! - Gary Lower II in Florida

I took a risk and drove 18 hours one way from Minnesota to Kentucky to meet Prince... AKA Journey. I'm so GLAD I took that risk and made that drive! Tim and Kim have done an amazing job with their horses! I love how they have taken the time to start their babies and progress slowly with them. I am so excited to see how Journey progresses with us and can't thank them enough!
- Jessica Juelson in Minnesota
Had a great experience with Tim and Kim. Very pleasant people and are not in any rush to push tack or horse. Spent many hours with them last weekend and left feeling like family! Honest... probably the most honest people I've come across! Will do business again! - Kayla Hoyt in Illinois 
We bought our boy Cody from Bear Creek Horses And Saddles back in November of 2016. My wife, daughter and my daughters trainer drove 3hrs to look at Cody and he was everything that was told to us! Broke, beautiful, smart and a total gentle giant! We plan on buying more horses in the future and Bear Creek will be the first place we'll look. We couldn't be happier with our purchase! Thanks Bear Creek Horses!!
​ - Donnie Jefferson in Ohio