​W hy have a custom saddle built by Bear Creek?  ....................

The reasons are simple, our saddles are built with the individual rider in mind, both in fit and personality. Every element of the
saddle is custom fit to ensure a comfortable ride for the horse and rider alike. Not only are they built for comfort on the trail and in the show arena, they are built to stand up to the rigors of the toughest ranch work.

Unlike production saddles, each of our custom saddles are built to your specifications. We rely on direct communication with you
the customer to ensure your complete satisfaction. Every Bear Creek Saddle is tailored to each individuale client's unique personality and style. Together we can design and build your one of a kind dream saddle that will fit your needs and wants in a saddle that with proper care will last a life time. Check out our Design Options page, it will offer you suggestions and help you in making decisions on what your beautiful completed one of a kind custom saddle looks like. 

Our saddle trees are made by the Steele Saddle Tree Company. The Steele family have been building saddle trees in America for
over 150 years. That's a long time to be in business and it speaks volumes about the quality of their saddle trees. You don't
stay in business that long unless you have a quality product. Every Steele Tree comes with a five year warranty.

One little known fact about saddle trees is that there aren’t any industry standards for saddle tree measurements and terminology. Different tree makers measure trees differently and even call the same trees by different names. It’s very important that you keep this in mind when shopping for a saddle, especially as it relates to the label assigned to the bars of a saddle.

There are some general categories for bar types based on gullet width, but there is little agreement as to the widths and the names of the categories. It can be very frustrating. You’ll even see names flip-flopped among the categories making for a tremendous amount of confusion when you’re saddle shopping.

Many riders have a tack room full of saddles that didn't work out. Others are constantly buying and trading saddles in search of just
the right one and spending tons of money on saddles that don't fit there "hard to fit" horse. It doesn't have to be this way. If you do your homework beforehand to truly understand both your and your horse's needs, you can purchase the one saddle that will be a match for you, your horse, and your riding activities. Buying a saddle by labeled fit only with the actual fit to the horse's back unseen could be compared to buying a pair of shoes without being able to try them on. Do you have a particularly hard to fit horse? Does he come back from the ride sore and stiff? Even worse, have you unsaddled your horse after a ride only to discover that his withers have been rubbed raw and now you feel guilty for subjecting your horse to such pain.

To answer these questions and eliminate any uncertainty regarding Equi-Fit ® saddle trees and the saddles built on them, Steele Saddle Tree Company introduced Fit To Be Seen® (FTBS), the Equi-Fit ® saddle tree fit identification and demonstration system.
FTBS consists of nine 'fit forms'. These fit forms are fiberglass
moldings that duplicate precisely nine of the most widely used
fits in the Steele Equi-Fit ® saddle tree line. When placed on the horse's
back, the fit forms literally allow thefit to be seen unobstructed by the
saddle skirts, rigging and stirrup leathers. With these molds, we can
eliminate the guessing and literally fit the tree to your horses back
and see precisely where any adjustments in the tree are needed.

Most saddle builders are not horseman, very few have ridden very
much and many have never ridden at all. We are riders and we know
what an avid rider looks for in a saddle. the main thing being comfort. With that in mind we have developed a seat that is second to
none when it comes to comfort. Many of our clients have told us that they will never ride in any other saddle again. A Bear Creek Saddle is second to none when it comes to comfort It's like sitting on a soft leather sofa. Also, We have added extra dees to our Bear Creek Trail Saddle. They are stratigically placed where they are the most useful and handy for tying on extras such as your saddle bags, your raincoat, your lariat or even your machete or rifle scabbard. Paying attention to the little details like these that are often over looked by your average saddle builder are why we have sold saddle all over the country and continue to have repeat customers, infact we have outfitted entire families with Bear Creek saddles with no two saddles being alike. Visit our  Testimonials Page and check out what a few of our actual happy satisfied clients have to say about their Bear Creek Saddles

Our Custom Saddles are crafted out of the finist leathers from Wickett & Craig, superior leather since 1867.
We use only the best stainless hardware, and we have a wide selection of western silver and rhinestone conchos in many designs for you to choose from.    If you are looking for the ultimate comfort while you ride those long trails, you need to check our saddles out.  
Build time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Special tree orders may add additional build time due to tree construction time.

The finest materials, hardware and uncompromising dedication to detail and quality are put into each saddle we create. Best of
all, our saddles are built in the USA.

Please keep in mind that the saddles presented are just a sampling of the possibilities and offer suggestions for your finished product. You can design and customize your one of a kind saddle or place a standard order as pictured. The options
are limitless, so please contact for pricing info.

We also usually have a few used Western and English saddlesand tack for sale so be sure to check out out Used Saddles page.

A good saddle is not determined by style or brand but by construction, condition and proper fit. A horse will indeed cut more efficiently, lope more consistintently, travel farther and remain sound longer when his saddle accommodates his construction and allows his back to function correctly
Wade with Mule Bars #W-16
Seat: 16" (seat size optional)
Horn: 3" or 4" (silver piece optional)
Cantle: 3" or 4"
Leather Finish: Chocolate (Leather finish optional)
Tooling: Oak leaf on pommel and cantle with large barbed wire trim. 
Bone rawhide cheyenne roll. 
Round skirting, scalloped for close contact. 
Stirrups: Bone rawhide laced stirrups (stirrup style optional)
Large stainless steel Dee rings. 
Starting at $1275

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Trail  #508
Tree:  Made by Steele Tree Co.
Bar size optional
Seat: 14" to 16" (17" or 18" extra)
Horn: 3" or 4"
Cantle: 3" or 4"
Tooling: spot floral (tooling style  optional)
Stirrups: leather (stirrup style optional)
Rigging: in skirt (standard or drop rigging)
Weight: approximately 28lbs to 32lbs
Finish: natural ( chestnut, mahogany, dark oil, black or chocolate)
Starting at $1275

Wade #KP- 07
Tree: Made by Steele
Bar size optional
Seat: 14" to 16" (17" or 18" extra)
Horn: 3" or 4"
Cantle: 4" or 5"
Tooling: basket weave (tooling style optional)
Skirt: Round (Skirt style optionl)
Rigging: standard (Rigging style optional) 
Stirrups: over size leather ( stirrup style optional)
Weight: approximately 30lbs
Finish: 2 tone natural and mahogany (Finish optional)

​​​Starting price: $1275
Mounted Shooter #MS-01​
Tree:  Made by Steele Saddle Tree Co.
Bar size optional
Seat: 14" to 16" (17" or 18" extra)
Horn: 3" to 4"
Cantle: 3" to 4"
Leather Finish: Light Oil ( Optioal)
Cantle: 3" to 4" 
White cheyenne roll with silver lacing 
White trimmed pomel with silver lacing
Round skirting, scalloped for close contact (skirting style optional)
Tooling: Basket weave with flower, trimmed with large barbed wire (tooling Optional)
Montana silver conchos 

Starting price: $1275
Youth Barrel #JOY-08
Tree: Made by Steele Saddle Tree Co.
Bar size optional
Seat:  14" ( comes 12" to 16")
Horn: 3" or 4" (silver piece optional)
Cantle: 3" or 4"
Tooling: Oak Leaf  (tooling style optional)
Rigging: in shirt rigging (rigging style optional)
Weight: approximately 25lbs 
Skirting: round (square skirting optional)
Stirrups: Aluminum
Finish: light Oil (leather finish optional)

Starting price: $1275
Gaited Trail #TE-17
Tree:  Buena Vista with Standard Quarter Horse bars made by Steele Saddle Tree
Seat: 16" (seat size optional)
Tooling: spider  (tooling style optional)
Rigging: Standard double rigging (rigging style optional)
Weight: 32lbs. (saddle can weigh from 28lbs. to 34lbs. depending on seat size). 
Skirting: round (square skirting optional)
Stirrups: Endurance (stirrup style optional)
Stainless hardware
Finish: Chocolate (leather finish optional)
Montana Silver

Starting price: $1275