The more time you spend in a saddle, the more critical good fit becomes. Many riders have a tack room full of saddles that didn't work out. Others are constantly buying and trading saddles in search of just
the right one and spending tons of money on saddles that don't fit there "hard to fit" horse. It doesn't have to be this way. If you do your homework beforehand to truly understand both yours and your horse's needs, you can purchase the one saddle that will be a match for you, your horse, and your riding activities. Buying a saddle by labeled fit only with the actual fit to the horse's back unseen could be compared to buying a pair of shoes without being able to try them on.

Do you have a particularly hard to fit horse? Does he come back from the ride sore and stiff? Even worse, have you unsaddled your horse after a ride only to discover that his withers have been rubbed raw and now you feel guilty for subjecting your horse to such pain.

To answer these questions and eliminate any uncertainty regarding Equi-Fit ® saddle trees and the saddles built on them, Steele Saddle Tree Company introduced Fit To Be Seen® (FTBS), the Equi-Fit ® saddle tree fit identification and demonstration system.

FTBS consists of nine 'fit forms'. These fit forms are fiberglass
moldings that duplicate precisely nine of the most widely used
fits in the Steele Equi-Fit ® saddle tree line. When placed on the

horse'sback, the fit forms literally allow thefit to be seen unobstructed
by the saddle skirts, rigging and stirrup leathers. With these molds, we
can eliminate the guessing and literally fit the tree to your horses back
and see precisely where any adjustments in the tree are needed.