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Bear Creek Horses And Saddles

Bravos Magic Remedy
Bravos Magic Remedy is a 2011 AQHA REG. gelding. Magic has a great pedigree with lines back to some of the greats, including King, Poco Bueno, Three Bars, Doc Bar, Leo, King Fritz and Docs Remedy. Magic is a very charming guy with a pleasant agreeable personality which goes along with Poco bred horses. Magic has a solid body with strong correct legs and good feet. He will mature right at 14.3 with a sizable hip and a broad chest. Magic has a very attractive head with dark dreamy eyes, a well defined jaw and a nice tippy ear. This gelding has lots of mane and forelock and a full lush tail that touches the ground. His coat is a deep rich copper that shines like a new penny. He is handsome and he knows it. Magic was started in the long lines,where he learned very quickly to go in a straight line, to turn left and right, to back and he can stop on a dime. He has a very sharp inquisitive mind and is a fast learner. He is a trainers dream. He is under saddle, he has good lateral flexsion and is doing well on his ring work. Magic has a very soft mouth and direct reins with just a bump. He is learning to neck rein and responds to leg pressure. He has a very soft easy going jog that I could ride all day. Magic has been on several short trail rides and is proving himself to be an excellent trail horse as well as a very nice performance horse prospect. Magic has excellent ground manners. He stands tied in cross ties or single rope. no issues with bathing, clipping, fly spray or farrier work. He loads and hauls well and gets along with other horses. Magic loves to be groomed, he turns into a puppy dog when you scratch his neck and jaws. If you are looking for a young horse that has had a great foundation laid for future training, one that you can take in any direction you choose and finish out, then take a look at Bravos Magic Remedy.